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PerkinElmer offers a comprehensive portfolio of NENĀ® radiochemicals, everything you need to enhance your research is right where you want it. Our portfolio includes amino acids and derivatives (14C(C14), 3H & 35S), a variety of carbohydrates (14C(C14), 3H), CAT assay reagents (14C(C14), 3H), chemical precursors (14C(C14), 3H), cyclic nucleotides and sugars (14C(C14), 3H), iodinated compounds (125I), Lipids (14C(C14), 3H), microspheres, radioactive nucleotides (14C(C14), 3H, 32P (phosphorus 32), 33P & 35S), radiolabeled ligands (125I & 3H), radionuclides, and steroids. - Details

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